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The prohibitions (important)

  1. Those who can not enjoy maid café are prohibited from entering.
  2. Taking a picture of MAID personally.
  3. Getting private information of MAID
  4. Calling MAID directly.
  5. Slandering or harassing MAID
  6. Picking up with other guests here
  7. Making a certain MAID serve forcibly here.
  8. Smoking.
  9. Disturbing the other customers.
  10. All activities deemed unsuitable for the other customers are prohibited.

About the manners of maid café

  1. Understand that you are coming to the maid café
  2. Don’t walk around or change your seat in your own way.
  3. Don’t talk with other guests at other seats.
  4. Don’t speak ill of or harass on the Internet.
  5. Don’t be grumpy even if your favorite MAID doesn’t stay with you.
  6. Don’t ignore MAID.
  7. Don’t talk to another guest you don’t know.
  8. Make sure you leave this café during business hours.

About our service contents or confidentiality

We run a healthy café.
We don’t talk with the guests for a long time side by side. We neither sit next to the guests nor tell our personal information. We don’t commit any acts such as touching hands of the guests.
The staff here will not contractually communicate the personal information of the customer or the maid to other customers.
It is also prohibited for staff who quit to convey personal information learned at our shop to customers.