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日本語  English


Welcome to our 2.5-dimensional space where
we serve you comfortable healing, happiness,and beauties.
Maid-chans entertain you (master & princess) from the 3-dimensional world with their smiles and cheers.
Why don’t you make you feel better with the magic word “Moe-moe-kyunn ”?


charge for the parallel universe

gentlemen ¥1,500  including one drink & tax 30min
ladies ¥1,200  including one drink & tax 30min
high school / junior high schoolstudents ¥1,000
including one drink & tax 30min

※ required to show your school identification card (below the age of 18)

automatic extension ¥500  including tax 30min


location ; 1-9-4 Higashiodori chuo-ku Niigata-shi Niigata-pref.
opening hour ; 18:00~22:00(Sun 13:00~17:00)
shop holiday ; Mon. Tue. Wed. holiday.
Phone number ;  025-367-9109
by train ;  go out of the Niigata st. at Bandai exit, behind Animate building.
by car ;  drive on Kurinoki by-pass for Kurinoki-bashi, turn left at Kurinoki-bashi intersection for Niigata-st.,turn left at Higashibanndai-cho intersection, behind Animate-Niigata.


【Prohibited behaviors

  • Taking a picture of MAID without permission.
  • Intimidating such as demanding something loudly.
  • Making disparaging comments loudly.
  • Repeat questions in order to keep MAID nearby.
  • Getting out MAID’s personal information or sharing it with others, and telling MAID it to make a thread.
  • To present your contact number(address) to MAID, to ambush at the station, to wait for them to come out, or to force them to give you their contact number(address)  for the purpose of seeing  them outside of our house.
  • Touching MAID(including hands, hair, dresses).
  • Coming in dead drunk.

【Manners. Please do not】

  • walk around or change your seat or talk with other guests.
  • use a kind of sexual harassment words to MAID.
  • try to get out MAID’S age, real name, or day job.
  • name a certain person when you pay.
  • take out your frustration when your favorite MAID is out by chance.
  • talk to another guest you don’t know enjoying himself alone.
  • stay overtime inside.(including the bathrooms)
  • call or peek into the shop to make sure which MAID is in charge.
  • give any books to MAID and request any book reports from MAID.

【service contents 】

  • We run a healthy café.
  • We don’t talk with the guests for a long time side by side.
  • We neither sit next to the guests nor tell our personal information.
  • We don’t commit any acts such as touching hands of the guests.