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Welcome to our 2.5-dimensional space where
we serve you comfortable healing, happiness,and beauties.
Maid-chans entertain you (master & princess) from the 3-dimensional world with their smiles and cheers.
Why don’t you make you feel better with the magic word “Moe-moe-kyunn ”?


charge for the parallel universe

gentlemen ¥1,500  including one drink & tax 30min
ladies ¥1,200  including one drink & tax 30min
high school / junior high schoolstudents ¥1,000
including one drink & tax 30min

※ required to show your school identification card (below the age of 18)

automatic extension ¥500  including tax 30min


location ; 1-9-4 Higashiodori chuo-ku Niigata-shi Niigata-pref.
opening hour ; 18:00~22:00(Sun 13:00~17:00)
shop holiday ; Mon. Tue. Wed. holiday.
Phone number ;  025-367-9109
by train ;  go out of the Niigata st. at Bandai exit, behind Animate building.
by car ;  drive on Kurinoki by-pass for Kurinoki-bashi, turn left at Kurinoki-bashi intersection for Niigata-st.,turn left at Higashibanndai-cho intersection, behind Animate-Niigata.